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Ellen is a beautiful blonde with long, flowing hair and big, juicy tits. She has always been known for her playful and bubbly personality, but in this video she is ready to show her sexy side. The video begins with Ellen lying on a bed looking seductive and inviting. She starts by running her hands over her body, feeling her curves and massaging her nipples. Then she invites you to come closer and go to bed with her. As you get closer, Ellen begins to undress, revealing her bare skin and her perky tits. He leans over and starts licking and sucking your nipples, getting you nice and hard. Then Ellen starts riding you, bouncing her tight pussy up and down on your cock. She moans and groans as you slide inside her, feeling her wetness and tightness. After a few minutes of intense action, Ellen turns around and begins doggy style, presenting her ass to you for your pleasure. You can't resist and start spanking her hard, feeling the burn of your hand on her skin. As you continue to spank her, Ellen begins to cum, squirting all over your cock and her own body. You can't hold back any longer and you start to cum too and shoot into her. The video ends with Ellen lying there, covered in cum and looking satisfied. She smiles at the camera and gives you a thumbs up to show you she had a great time. Overall, this video is a great way to see Ellen in a sexy new light. With her bubbly personality and gorgeous body, she will definitely keep you coming back for more.

Duration: 10:07

Views: 78

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