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In this video we see a beautiful housewife enjoying her favorite form of pleasure. She's wearing a sexy lingerie set and her hair is tied back in a seductive updo. She sits on a couch and takes the vibrator in her hand with a big smile. As she turns it on we see her body start to shake with pleasure. He closes his eyes, leans back and moans with pleasure. We see his hands move up and down his body, exploring every inch of his skin. When she orgasms we see her body shaking with pleasure. She lets out a loud scream as she orgasms, her body shaking with pleasure. We see her smile widen as she continues to enjoy her vibrator and has her eyes closed in happiness. Throughout the video, we see glimpses of her husband walking by and watching her pleasure herself. He watches with a smile on his face, clearly amused to see his wife so happy. At the end of the video we see the housewife lying on the couch, still smiling as she reaches for her vibrator again. It's clear that she loves nothing more than pleasuring herself and is happy to share her pleasure with her man whenever he wants to watch. Title: Housewife Pleasure

Duration: 30:48

Views: 30

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