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In this hot, steamy, rough sex video you'll see a beautiful cowgirl take on a rough and tough cowboy. The cowboy is a tall, strong man with a thick beard and rugged good looks. He has a tough and rebellious attitude and is not afraid to show it. The Cowgirl is a proud and independent woman who loves to take control of her sexuality. She has a great body, big tits and a tight ass and she's not afraid to show off her skills. She has a sassy and confident attitude and is ready to take on the cowboy and show him who's boss. The video begins with the cowboy and cowgirl sitting on a log in the middle of a field. They both wear their cowboy gear with boots, hats and bandanas. The cowboy holds a whip and the cowgirl holds a pair of leather gloves. Both are ready to get to work. The cowboy starts by hitting the cowgirl on the butt with the whip, sending her flying over the tree trunk. The cowgirl quickly stands up and takes the whip from the cowboy. He turns it around and hits the cowboy in the face with it. The cowboy stumbles back but doesn't fall. The cowgirl steps forward and grabs the cowboy's shirt. She pulls him onto the tree trunk and straddles him. The cowboy struggles to free himself, but the cowgirl holds him tight. She leans in and kisses him deeply. The cowboy responds with a passionate kiss. The cowgirl pulls back and takes the whip back. He spins him around and hits the cowboy in the chest. The cowboy grunts in pain but doesn't stop. The cowgirl takes the whip again and hits the cowboy on the back. He groans in pain but doesn't stop. The cowgirl takes off her clothes and stands in front of the cowboy. She's wearing nothing but her cowboy boots and her

Duration: 28:01

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