Public Sex In The Park

It's a sunny day in the park and you're excited. You've been traveling and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature for a while, but now you're ready to take things to the next level. You see a beautiful girl sitting on a bench with her legs spread wide and you can't help but stare. She notices you and smiles flirtatiously at you. You walk up to her, start a conversation and ask her if she wants to have some fun. She plays along and before you know it, you're making out in the middle of the park. The sun beats down on you but you don't care, you're too focused on the feeling of his lips on yours. As you continue making out, you notice some people watching you from a distance. Some smile and nod, others give a disapproving look. But you don't care, you're too busy in the moment. You break the kiss and pull up her shirt, revealing her bare breasts. She gasps in surprise, but you can see the excitement in her eyes. You start to unzip her pants and pull them down to her knees. She stands up, turns around and shows you her ass. You can't help but reach out, grab it, and squeeze it tightly. She turns around and leans on the bench with her legs spread. You take her pants off completely and start licking her pussy, feeling the heat of her wetness on your tongue. She moans loudly as you continue to lick her, her hands gripping the back of your head. As you continue to please her, you notice some people approaching and watching you intently. Some smile while others frown. But you don't care, you're too focused on the feel of her pussy against your tongue. You stand up and start fucking her, feeling the tightness of her pussy on your cock. She moans loudly as you continue to fuck her, her hands gripping your shoulders. You can hear people cheering and screaming in the background but you don't care, you're too focused on the feeling of her pussy on your cock. As you continue

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